Sunday, March 22, 2009

First Foray Into Video Blogging

When it comes to social media the most important lesson learned is that success starts with simply using the Web 2.0 tools available to marketers. At Strategic Communications Group (Strategic), we make it a point to try it all and then assess how a specific tool or tactic fits into one of our client programs.

I've done some things fairly well, such as proactive promotion of the Strategic Guy blog. However, there are other activities that remain a work in progress.

Video blogging is one of them. Here's my initial stab from the FOSE conference earlier this month. What worked well? The quality of the executives I interviewed, as well as the editing done by the Strategic team.

What fell short? My interview style and capability. In fact, of the three interviews I conducted only one -- a chat with Endace Marketing VP Steve Gleave -- was usable.

I'll be back at this coming week at the Satellite 2009 conference.

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