Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Legit Concerns about Federal CIO

A quick post today to share a must-read story that raises some legitimate concerns about the professional and educational background of Vivek Kundra, the new Chief Information Officer of the US Federal Government.

The article is written by John Dvorak, a contributor to Dow Jones and PC Magazine. If these allegations prove to be true, I think the Obama Administration will have no choice but to demand Kundra's resignation.

Special Report: Is US Chief Information Officer (CIO) Vivek Kundra a Phony?

Update: Gautham Nagesh of NextGov verifies that Kundra did receive a master's degree from the University of Maryland, as stated in his bio.

The Facts on Kundra's College Records

Update #2: Vivek Kundra responds to allegations in an interview with Om Malik of GigaOm.

Dvorak Raises Doubts About U.S. CIO Kundra. White House Calls the Report “Highly Inaccurate” & “a Lie.” Kundra Speaks up

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