Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Timely News Reporting Alive and Well

There are certain journalists you just seem to connect with. You like their interview and writing style. Their beat is interesting. And they get their stories right.

For me, Rita Chang, the digital media and telecom reporter at trade publication Advertising Age, has long been a must read. So, I have made it a priority to build good rapport with her by being responsive and helpful when she is researching an article.

It has been a mutually beneficial relationship. For instance, she contacted me this afternoon at 2 PM regarding a breaking story about a well known and respected global company that is sponsoring a controversial event.

Two brief phone interviews…a few Email exchanges…and four hours later the article is published with my comments included.

Verizon Catches Flak for Backing Rally Put on by Coal Producer

In today’s social media charged environment, there are a myriad of sources of influence. Yet, journalists continue to rate high and there are often situations where you can quickly realize the benefit of a well cultivated relationship.


Beth Wellington said...

So what's your take on the strategic value of Rodney Mason, CMO
Moosylvania, publishing his tirade on the Verizon post by Chang.

"Is Ad Age covering a story, or over hyping an over hyper? Seriously, editorial integrity should be questioned in this case.

Did anybody check their sources, look into The Center For Biodiversity, or Al Gore's carbon footprint?"

Marc Hausman said...

Hi Beth -- thanks for the comment. It's understandable why Rodney would have such an emotional reaction, yet his thinking is misplaced.

There is little value in him questioning the editorial integrity of the publication and citing other examples of organizations (and individuals) not living up to the green promise.

What do you think?