Sunday, December 27, 2009

Five Most Popular Posts in 2009

Exceptional professionals recognize that career development demands an intense commitment of time, creativity, energy and perseverance. The payoff must be visible -- in compensation, recognition and other reward.

This sure has defined my experience as an executive blogger for Strategic Communications Group (Strategic). In 2009, I penned nearly 100 posts that attracted more than 15,000 readers who together accounted for almost 20,000 page views.

Great visibility and thought leadership promotion for the agency!

More important though is that my personal social media experience shapes the counsel and tactical execution services we provide to clients. You learn by doing…by experimenting…and through success and failure.

With this in mind, I conducted a comprehensive review of a 12-month Google Analytics report on this blog. What posts garnered the most interest? How should this shape my editorial in 2010? Should I adjust my keyword and tagging strategies?

All good questions I will be thinking about through the New Year.

Here’s my top five in 2009. Each of these posts scored high in readership, number of comments and tweets:

1. Three Phases of Social Media Maturation

2. Great SaaS Debate

(Written in January 2008, this post continues to pull in readers via Web search and from my colleague Chris Parente’s Work, Work and Wheels blog.

3. 3 Social Media Portals Revealed

4. Social Media and Enterprise Sales Acceleration

5. Are Hotties Destined to be High Performers?

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Chris Parente said...

Marc -- I'm psyched the SaaS post came in at #2. Testimony to the power of the SEO friendly headline.