Thursday, April 1, 2010

Confusion Reigns in the World of Early Adoption

The analysts at Forrester Research recently conducted a survey of corporate marketers to assess their views about which type of consultancy is most qualified to take ownership of the brand in this digital age. Is it traditional ad shops? How about interactive marketing firms? Or maybe public relations practitioners?

The results of this comprehensive query are right in step with my experiences speaking with prospective clients: it is simply too early to tell.

The integration of social media and digital into the marketing communications mix remains at the early adopter phase as companies test, measure and evaluate different approaches (and resources). For that reason, Forrester’s finding is completely expected:

Most interactive marketers don't trust their traditional agencies with digital work and yet most don't believe their interactive agencies are ready to lead yet either.

Give this time to play out…for best industry best practices to solidify…and expectations to take shape. I believe in the next 18 to 24 months we’ll see a clearer understanding of how organizations can tap the expertise of advertising, marketing, digital, social media and PR professionals to achieve their objectives.

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