Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Sad (But True) Social Media Parody

Most consultants are quite adept at two things: 1) identifying a problem (or opportunity) as so daunting that the appropriate remedy demands a consultant; and 2) defining their work product in such complex industry jargon that the client is left uncomfortably convinced they've received good return for the money.

This consultant double-talk is prevalent across the full array of pushers of hourly services -- from accountants, lawyers and business process experts to human resource advisors, branding gurus and public relations professionals. They speak of value in their guidance with limited, if any, tie to the true drivers of success in business -- sales, profits and valuation.

It was with much enthusiasm that Strategic Communications Group (Strategic) embarked three years ago on a shift in its focus from public relations to social media marketing. We have been able to align our service offerings with benchmarks that clients can more accurately measure.

There remains value from the increased awareness, visibility and credibility that is the natural outcome of social participation. Yet, the true test of our performance resides in how we've helped a client more quickly identify sales opportunities and/or speed them through the pipeline.

You'd think all social media consultants would trumpet the sales orientation of their work. sure hasn't played out that way. In fact, most still cling to the nebulous creation of community and conversation as their holy grail.

This week I came across a Web site that parodies social media consultant talk. Take a look and hit the refresh button on your browser a couple of times.

This site would be more entertaining if it weren't such an accurate depiction of the cons who sport social media consultant on their business card.


Journey Grrrl said...

I appreciate how you use this blog to drive break through conversations to humanize the Strategic Communications brand and shape audience conversations.

But more than that... I like that your firm - unlike most agencies - does waste client's time trying to sell us branding when we make it clear the business need is leads.

I tell the agency the goal. I expect them to work with me to shape strategy THEN execute the tactics and quantitfy success or failure.

Putting tactics first and telling me I should back into goals no one is bought off on insults my intelligence and puts me in a bad spot - especially if I agree with/am enamored by the tactics.

Love that Strategic actually gets this. Most agencies don't.

Marc Hausman said...

Thanks for the comment and the kind words.

Full disclosure for readers: I've known "Journey Grrl" for more than a decade. She is a good friend and has been a long-standing Strategic Communications Group (Strategic) client.