Sunday, November 14, 2010

Four New Web 2.0 Offerings Worth a Review

In this fast-paced Web 2.0 world, innovative entrepreneurial start-ups are constantly bringing to market tools and applications to enhance a user's social media experience.

Each month, I block out a few hours to review a collection of these new offerings and assess how (or if) they are applicable to the social media marketing campaigns Strategic Communications Group (Strategic) manages for its clients.

Here are four sites I reviewed this evening that I encourage you to check out:

PixxMe:  airbrush your profile photos in social networks and online communities with this easy-to-use online tool to ensure you have just the right look and expression.

Formstack:  an easy-to-use, HTML-based Web form creator to gather information from visitors to a your corporate Web site, blog or other social-oriented site.  It's a perfect tool to create online surveys, event registrations or Webinar sign-ups.  There's a free version available, yet it has limited functionality.

SocialSmack: this relatively new online community is in beta, yet it holds tremendous value if you're interested in reviewing sentiment about consumer-oriented brands.  It's free to join and, once signed up, you too can talk smack (both positive and negative) about the products you use, restaurants you visit, etc.

Booshaka:  what news, topics or people have all of the buzz on Facebook?  This free online tool will give you a quick assessment of what is trending on the world's most popular social community.

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