Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Get Personal for Social Success

I have noted, yet rarely read at length those studies from Web consultants and market research firms about the value of a Facebook fan or Twitter follower.

Sure, we are often asked by clients about a number they should aspire to in their social media activities.  I have answered with the intentionally vague response that it is important to attract just enough followers, fans or blog readers to be credible with your most important audiences.

Last week this Email arrived in my Inbox that has me thinking it's time to wrap clarity around the "how many" question.  If this nonsensical missive passed through my spam filter, I assume it has found its way to corporate marketing executives as well.

I think I can help you dramatically increase your Facebook fans.  Please take a moment to look at this page going over our process for increasing Facebook fans and let me know what you think:

FYI, we also have a Twitter followers service that is $29.  Feel free to shoot me an email or give me a call so that I can answer any questions you may have about our Facebook or Twitter packages.  

Thank you,
Jessica Tran
Vice President, ViralSO
Social Media Division

Rather than defining a quantity number, I believe that in a business-to-business or public sector environment it's more important to focus on quality and depth of relationship.

Here are the three questions we typically ask when evaluating a social community we have built for a client:

1.  How can this person positively (or negatively) impact the business?  (i.e. customer, prospect, partner, employee or shareholder)

2.  Do we understand what this person expects of us? (i.e. best practices, a dialogue, some type of action, etc.)

3.  If we called or sent an Email to this person would they respond? 

Social media allows for scalability in the relationship building process which makes it a high value channel for sales and marketing professionals.

Yet, the foundation of success in social is the relationship.  And that is something that ultimately needs to be invested in on a personal level.

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