Friday, May 20, 2011

Consultant Success is in the Execution

A recommendation in the how-to text "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Consulting" is to create a perception with the client that they: 1) have a pressing need with potentially dire consequences; and 2) absolutely require the services of a consultant (preferably you) to solve this problem.

While I see this sales methodology standing up in complex areas of business strategy, product development or technical engineering, the truth is the success of most consulting engagements is more about execution of a proven methodology.

This is certainly true in public relations and social media marketing.  Yes...each client may have a distinct set of goals.  Yet, the market situation, competitive environment and macro trends influencing buyer decisions tend to be fairly consistent.

While we have developed an approach at Strategic Communications Group (Strategic) which is more aligned with a client's sales priorities, our performance ultimately comes down to execution - produce content once, distribute across multiple channels (i.e. traditional PR, social media, digital, etc.) and align with a carefully crafted search engine optimization (SEO).

Here is an example from our ongoing work for Merchant Link, a provider of a secure gateway and data security solutions for the world's leading retailers, hotel chains and restaurant groups.

Press Release: Dan Lane Named President and CEO of Merchant Link

"Security Cents" Blog: Exclusive Podcast with Dan Lane

Editorial Coverage - Digital Forensics Today:  Dan Lane, President and CEO of Merchant Link

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