Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Big Mac Bandit

Tamien Bain has an interesting relationship with the “Golden Arches.”

Fifteen years ago he walked into a McDonald’s with gun in hand and robbed the place. That indiscretion landed him in prison for a dozen years.

Now Bain is back as one of the five finalists in a contest the restaurant chain is running in partnership with MySpace to create a new jingle for the 40th anniversary of the Big Mac. This is a wonderful story and a win for everyone involved.

For Bain, it’s a chance to showcase his musical talent to a large audience with the hope of jumpstarting a career. In fact, he has reportedly already hired a public relations adviser.
And for McDonald’s, this innovative and creative use of social media will now most likely produce an avalanche of additional media coverage.

Sure, there will be those that take shots at McDonald’s for allowing Bain’s participation in the contest. They’re off base. Bain served his time and now he has taken steps to be a productive member of society. I am rooting for him…and may even buy a Big Mac!

Finalist in McDonald’s/MySpace Jingle Contest is Former McDonald’s Armed Robber

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