Monday, May 3, 2010

Making News, Earning Kudos

You are who you are and, admittedly, I have some competitive issues. My sport of choice is pick-up basketball and my wife typically needs to remind me to “play nice” with the other middle aged guys.

While I’ve found throwing the occasional elbow on the court to be a healthy outlet, I would like to think that professionally I have mellowed a bit. This is attributable to a reset of priorities and the importance I place on my family.

Yes…I remain passionate about Strategic Communications Group (Strategic) and the clients we are fortunate to represent. Yet, our goals as an organization are much more tuned to being a successful lifestyle business:

1. Do great work for great clients

2. Embrace work/life balance

This is why the recognition Strategic has received during the past few days for our client programs have been so rewarding. Here are a few links:

Microsoft unveils social media directory for government
Government Computer News

Monster Government Solutions Unleashes Web Site
BtoB Magazine

BtoG Communities Now Online - Q&A with Strategic's Marc Hausman
BtoB Magazine

I am often asked by a prospect how we define “great.” I see it as the opportunity to design and execute a creative, results-oriented program in an environment defined by mutual respect.

When that exists, the headlines will follow.

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