Monday, January 3, 2011

Blogger Relations Done Right

The increased profile and readership of this blog has raised my distaste for the lazy public relations hacks who pepper me with pitches for products and services that are in no way consistent with my editorial focus.

Here are a couple of off-target missives from December:

--A new flavor of chewing gum infused with vitamins
--Gambling trends among China's working class
--A Web enabled garage door system 
I'm a PR person by training, so I would like to think I am more tolerant than your typical journalist who has spent a career wading through this stuff.  Yet, even I am tempted to reply with a curt inquiry about whether the hack in question has actually read a post before sticking me on their list.

Today brought a bright light of encouragement that all is not lost in the world of blogger relations.  I've included below an exchange I had with Sean McVey of Hinge Marketing, whose thoughtful and targeted pitch will most likely lead me to invest time in writing a review of the book he's pushing.

The third-party credibility and awareness garnered from effective public relations remains incredibly valuable and contributes to the success of an organization.  Like all things worth having, it just takes an investment of time, thinking and consideration to get it right.

Good show, Sean!

Hi Marc,
I have been reading Strategic Guy since late summer and it has been a consistent source of information for me. Our company only dabbles in Social Media but we are learning.

I was wondering if you would be interested in reading a book our company recently wrote and launched. It is called Spiraling Up - How to Build a High Growth, High Value Professional Services Firm. Based on interviews of 300 CEO's, it documents what high growth companies have in common.

We are looking for feedback on the book from other marketing and PR companies and we'd love to know what you think about it. Let me know and I will send you a hard copy. Or, you can get the soft copy at




Hey Sean,
Thanks for the note and the offer to forward along a copy of the book.  I'd welcome the opportunity to review it and, if appropriate, write a post with my thoughts.
Here is my work address:
Marc Hausman
Strategic Communications Group, Inc.
1400 Spring Street
Suite 330
Silver Spring, MD  20910
I would also like to compliment you on the professionalism of your Email.  Unfortunately, most of the notes I receive are from public relations reps who refuse to take the time to actually read my blog, before sending me some off-target, rambling pitch.
I hope it's cool if I cite you as an example of blogger relations done well.  Enjoy your evening,

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laurent said...

Hi Marc
Your post and my experience confirm that the probability of getting a reply increases exponentially with the personal and relevant style of an outreach. Probably something from 0% (the 3 examples you mention) to >50% (my experience).