Tuesday, June 28, 2011

2 Informative Reads: Social Media ROI - Competition & Innovation

Each morning I set aside 45 minutes to an hour of uninterrupted time to dive into a set of general news and business publications, technology trade e-newsletters and Web sites, and 30 or so technology, public relations and social media blogs.

Context is everything in communications.  The ability to comprehend and articulate the "why" behind a timely news development or industry trend separates the merely tactical practitioner from the strategic thinker.

Here are two articles from today's reading that I found to be interesting and informative:

Does Social Media Have a Return on Investment in Fast Company.  Be sure to check out the reader comments to this article as I share there critical view.

Microsoft Takes Action to Ward Off Competition in the New York Times.  A good reminder that consumers win when there is credible competition.  It stimulates innovation, superior product development and pricing.

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dominique said...

Thanks for this article. Two observations and one contribution ;-)
1- It's very interesting to see how the first comment (From KD Paine) shaped the entire discussion
2- One number score to measure influence ... really ? Take your colleague. probably a high score on BMW and Wine. Influence is contextual to a community
3- If you look for top social media to read, here is our list: