Friday, July 8, 2011

From Blogger to Columnist: New and Timely Articles

I continue to do a fair amount of writing for business publications and industry-oriented online communities about social media, public relations, marketing communications and corporate strategy.

In fact, I'll soon be adding to my resume another columnist position for a relatively new and exciting publisher that is focused on serving the information needs of top-line executives in the Washington, DC business community.  The topic:  issues, best practices and trends related to personal branding in a professional environment.

Here are links to two of my recently published columns: 

Washington Business Journal 

If you find 15 minutes with your company’s marketing and sales collateral leaves you pining for a dose of Novocain, imagine the reaction from your customers and prospects. That’s right…they won’t read it.  This presents an opportunity for the company bold enough to embrace a more customer-friendly approach to communications. All this takes is adherence to what I like to refer to as the three “Es” of marketing and sales content creation – engage, educate and entertain.

For more than 90 years, Pitney Bowes has dominated the mail business through a broad portfolio of metering, addressing and pre-sorting hardware and software solutions. Yet, as the preferred means of communication shift towards digital channels and social networks, the company has had to rapidly evolve its business.

Helping lead this evolution is Pitney Bowes Government Solutions (PBGS), the company’s Lanham, Maryland-based public sector business line.  PBGS president Jon Love sat down with GovWin to discuss his career, how he’s positioning the company in the government markets and how PBGS is partnering with GovWin members.

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