Thursday, November 24, 2011

Real World Social Media Insight from Corporate and Government Marketers

Nearly 900 business executives and government workers each spent 15 minutes with us online to share how they are engaged in social media. 

What communities do they participate in?  Do they contribute content or are they primarily observers?  Where are they when they access social networks...on the job, at home or in a mobile environment?  And, perhaps most important, what expectations do they have of their social participation?

A summary of the findings of the "Social Media in the Public Sector" research study -- conducted by Market Connections in partnership with Strategic Communications Group (Strategic) -- are available for download at this link.

The event we hosted with Market Connections a few weeks back to formally announce the survey results also featured an exceptional panel of corporate and government marketers who have ownership of their organization's social participation.  They hailed from Deloitte, Intelsat General, Polycom, General Services Administration (GSA) and the Department of Defense.   

The panel's charge:  provide insight into the survey results, as well as advice for other marketers who desire to integrate social media into their mix of external communications tactics.

The three brief videos below provide a real world perspective from our panelists that could potentially help you define a social path for your organization.

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