Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Point of Interview

In public relations there are a myriad of channels we tap into to help our clients communicate with their most important audiences. However, the business/financial and trade media continue to rise to the top when it comes to impact and influence. This is especially true in the business-to-business, enterprise technology and government sectors.

We've done exceptional work at Strategic Communications Group (Strategic) designing and executing media campaigns. Strategic provides counsel to its clients prior to each media briefing, yet we can only take it so far. That's because ultimately it comes down to our client's ability to articulate a message in a clear and compelling way. I refer to this as the "Point of Interview." That is when the story is sold.

In its daily e-newsletter the New York Times includes a quote of the day. Here's the one from this morning:

"You're asking me to tell you how we're going to get to a place we've never been, with a map I don't have."

- COL. Steven David, a military defense lawyer, when asked for details on the capital case against six Guantánamo detainees.


Wow...kudos to Steven David. He's not a Strategic client, but he sure was spot on at the point of interview.

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