Friday, February 15, 2008

PR Can Make the Rat Irrelevant

Yahoo’s board has sprung a leak! The New York Post cited unnamed sources close to the situation in an article detailing how a group of Yahoo! board members (including chairman Roy Bostock) are amenable to accepting Microsoft’s offer to buy the company.

Board Bucks Yang
New York Post

This has got to be infuriating for Yahoo! chief Jerry Yang. Rightfully, he should expect that board-level discussions and disagreements be kept in the utmost confidence. Failure to do so by anyone on or associated with the Board is a blatant disregard for confidentially agreements, as well as ethically questionable.

From a public relations perspective, it is critical for Yahoo! to move quickly to implement a process to share information with the media and analysts on a consistent basis – even if the company has to disclose issues or discussions that it normally would not do.

Marginalize the information being leaked. Make the rat irrelevant.

Of course, they could always hire a few shadowy private investigator types to weed out the source of the leak. Strike that…that approach didn’t work so well for HP.

HP settles some pretexting cases

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