Sunday, June 1, 2008

Interactive Agency Lowdown

At Strategic Communications Group (Strategic), we typically leverage social media as a content-driven channel to help our clients extend thought leadership, enhance executive visibility and connect with key market influencers (i.e. journalists, analysts, bloggers, etc.). It’s what you would expect from a public relations consultancy.

That’s starting to change though. We have now also taken steps to more closely align our social media activities with a client’s lead generation and sales cycle marketing programs. This starts with a careful analysis of keywords to incorporate into our content development for organic search engine optimization (SEO). It also involves identifying groups within social communities for appropriate participation and exchange of ideas. We refer to this as social network engagement.

As part of our move to hone a more social media/lead generation offering, we’ve begun to explore the possibility of a formal relationship with an interactive development/SEO firm. What are the attributes of a successful interactive shop that caters to B2B clients? Are creative capabilities more important than technical competencies?

This article in Adweek got me thinking about these questions.

The Next Generation: These give up-and-coming interactive agencies are looking at the Web in a different light

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Richard Srery said...

Very well stated point of view... I think there is a fine line when providing a strategic solutions vs. a tactical one. Your post certainly represents a very unique strategic perspective. :)