Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Feds Move on Social Media

Federal Computer Week's Jason Miller just wrote an interesting article about the continued adoption of social media by the current administration as a means of connecting more directly with key constitutencies.

White House to Blog about Middle East Trip
Federal Computer Week

What does this mean for systems integrators, professional services providers and technology vendors selling into the public sector? For starters, the ability to post comments on these government executive blogs is a good way to increase visibility and demonstrate thought leadership with a particular agency. A good first step to incorporate a social media program in your marketing mix is to identify a list of target blogs, monitor their content using a service like Bloglines and provide comment, as appropriate.

It also presents a business case for government-focused organizations to consider launching an executive blog. At Strategic Communications Group (Strategic), we're working with a provider of professional services to federal agencies to stand up a blog in support of a corporate launch campaign.

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Good article. It mentions Intellipedia at the end of the piece, another example of Government 2.0. Here's more from FCW last month: