Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Social Media's Credibility Stamp

In mid-December, LinkedIn announced a partnership with BusinessWeek that I viewed as an important step in the integration of traditional and social media.

BusinessWeek Strikes Up Partnership with LinkedIn

This morning, Informationweek editor Alexander Wolfe introduced the publication’s first two Facebook applications – InformationWeek Blog Update and the InformationWeek News Update. These apps will allow users to place headlines and blurbs from the publication’s content on their Facebook page.

Informationweek Adds First Facebook Apps

For some time, I’ve felt the business ROI on the adoption of social media technologies as part of an integrated public relations program was murky at best. That’s changing in a big time way. What traditional media brings to the table is a peer review process that confers important credibility on a company. There are now more opportunities for PR professionals to extend the reach of their programs into social media channels to increase exposure, while retaining that stamp of credibility from influential journalists like InformationWeek’s Wolfe.

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