Monday, January 21, 2008

MySpace's Competitive Strike

Brian Stelter's article in today's NY Times about MySpace is an excellent read. It overviews the company's product development initiatives, including:

  • a mobile version of the site
  • the ability to customize a profile based on audience (i.e. your co-workers will see a different version than your college buddies)
  • industry promotion of MySpace TV
  • creation of a separate incubator called Slingshot Labs
In addition to creating the perception of innovation, this article also serves as a competitive strike against Facebook and other social networks. They have to move from proactive to reactive, investing time and resources to counter MySpace's development and promotion.

Public relations is an effective way to go on the offensive, leveraging channels like the media, analysts and bloggers to deliver a strong message to competitors.

From MySpace to YourSpace
A Web blockbuster is evolving to try to stay ahead of rivals.

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